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How do I retreive orders from my website?

When a customer submits an order, you will be notified via email with the order details. The email will come from [email protected]. What you do next will depend on your chosen method of credit card acceptance.

Merchant Account / Payment Gateway

If you are using a merchant account and payment gateway, you will know when you receive the order that the credit card transaction has been approved. All you have to do now is fill the order. You can also login to your Mals E-Commerce control panel at any time and choose List Orders from the Cart Links menu to get a recent list of your orders. Mals does clear these out periodically.


Paypal is a little different. You should receive two emails, one from [email protected] to give you the order information and another from Paypal to verify that the order has been paid for. If you receive an order without a confirmation from Paypal, YOU MUST login to your Paypal account to ensure that the order has been paid for. The reason is that if a customer orders a product but then cancels out of Paypal at the last minute, the order has already been recorded in Mals, but Paypal did not receive the payment. In this case, you would not send out the order because it was not paid for.

Manual Transactions

If you are running credit card numbers through your virtual terminal or a credit card machine, you will first need to obtain the number from Mals E-Commerce. Mals does not send this information with your order in order to protect your customers. To obtain the credit card number, you will first need to record the shopper id or order number from the order you received. This can be an order received via email or one listed in the List Orders section of your Mals control panel. Once you have that number, login to Mals E-Commerce and select Payments from the Cart Links menu. Then select the appropriate shopper id or order number from the drop down box. You will then have a page with all of the credit card information. We highly suggest printing this out before your run the transaction and then shredding it when complete to protect your customers' privacy.

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