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How do I accept credit card payments?

There are three basic options that will allow you to accept credit card transactions.

Internet Merchant Accounts and Payment Gateways

An Internet Merchant Account is a special merchant account that permits you to accept credit cards through an internet transaction. These accounts are different from standard merchant accounts which typically require you actually see the card and swipe it through a credit card terminal.

A Payment Gateway is an internet-based processor that serves as a connection between the user's credit card account and your internet merchant account. The payment gateway will verify the credit card data and allow the funds to be transferred to your account.

The Internet Merchant Account and Payment Gateway work together to allow real-time credit card processing.

Third-Party Payment Processors

A Third-Party Payment Processor is an online service that processes credit cards for you without requiring you to obtain a merchant account or payment gateway. With these services, you never actually see the customer's credit card data. The funds are deposited into your account with the third-party payment processor. You can then remove the funds and have them placed into the banking account of your choice. These processors usually charge a higher fee per transaction than most merchant accounts; however, there are usually no setup costs or monthly fees like those charged by merchant accounts and payment gateways.

Manual Transactions

Another possible method to process credit card transactions would be to manually retrieve the credit card data and run it through your existing merchant account. You would log in to your Mals-E Commerce account to retrieve this information and then submit it to your current merchant services provider. This option is only available to vendors with existing merchant accounts. It is important to note that you must first check with your merchant services provider to make sure that you are allowed to process transactions that you receive over the internet. Many standard merchant accounts do not allow this within their standard contracts.

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