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Premium PLUS Hosting Account
$275.00 USD Annually
10000 MB Disc Space, 25000 MB Bandwidth, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited Email Accounts, Webmail. Recommended for very large or high-traffic web sites, including web sites with podcasts, videos, etc.

Premium Hosting Package
$195.00 USD Annually
5000 MB Disc Space, 10000 MB Bandwidth, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Up to 10 MySQL Databases, Up to 50 Email Accounts. Recommended for most e-commerce, content management and database web sites. Also recommended for high-traffic web sites.

Standard Hosting Package
$150.00 USD Annually
1000 MB Disc Space, 2500 MB Bandwidth, 10 FTP Accounts, 5 MySQL Databases, 10 Email Account. Recommended for small e-commerce or content management web sites.

Basic Hosting Package
$95.00 USD Annually
100 MB Disc Space, 1000 MB Bandwidth, 5 FTP Accounts, 5 Email Accounts, Webmail and more. Recommended for small web sites without any databases or special features.

Dedicated Server